5 Empowering Prenatal Yoga Poses

Prenatal yoga is one of my favorite classes to teach. Mamas have a heightened sense of awareness and are carrying and nourishing new life inside their own. It’s a natural physiological process but also quite magical. This is one of my latest articles for expecting moms to empower their practice and themselves during this special time in their life. Read my article in Yoga International.

Beginning a Handstand Practice

“Step Up to Handstand” is my latest article to post on Yoga International’s website. Handstand is one of those love ’em or leave ’em poses. As a yoga professional,  I enjoy exploring the gray areas. The gray area for handstand is how to approach this pose without fear and to plan to sustainable way to practice this pose long term. Stepping up to handstand is one of the best methods to learning how to invert the body while also creating the strength required to hold and maintain yourself balanced over your hands. The best part is that you don’t have to kick up at all.  There is no momentum, just steady, reliable, hard work.  Check it out.